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On May 7th, every single ballot must go to Macron

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The second round of the presidential election looks more hazardous than it seemed to be last Sunday. This last week, Marine Le Pen has been busy running  a sly and pervasive campaign, which allows her to get new allies; among them the self-proclaimed “gaulliste“ Dupont-Aignan. Furthermore, she benefits from Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s extremely ambiguous posture, from the contortions of a peripheral part of the « Republican » right  and even from the false modesty of some leaders of the left, namely Martine Aubry.


Make no mistake about it: Marine Le Pen remains at the head of a Party that has not changed, and is still characterized by racism, xenophobia and antisemitism. There is no shortage of examples these last days: her statement on the Vel d’Hiv raid, the (short-lived) appointment of a negationnist, fan of Faurisson, as interim President of the NF, her stated commitment to forbid ritual slaughter (first measure taken against Jews by Nazis in 1933, in the name of animal protection, of course)…


Opposite to the woman who also wants France to leave the Euro area, to get out of Schengen and of Europe (why not of the solar system ?), a young Republican candidate has been designated by voters: Emmanuel Macron. We may not agree with all  his proposals, we may find him too much this or not enough that.… Nevertheless, he is a convinced Republican, a defender of the values we adhere to, and a supporter of a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. It is therefore crucial to vote for him, without trying to hide behind an abstention which would, de facto, mathematically benefit to the NF candidate.

Facing the populist (fascistic, even) danger, every single ballot must go to Emmanuel Macron, in order to prevent our country from sinking into hate, withdrawal, and isolation !


N.B. On the eve of the first round of the presidential elections, JCall has signed this opinion column, La République face à deux dangers  (the Republic facing two dangers), with 11 other associations. On the eve of the second round, it is still current.

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