JCall is a non profit group of European Jewish citizens and friends
of Israel who call for a negotiated peace between
Israelis and Palestinians, based on the two-state solution.
Back from Israel-Palestine

In an article appearing in the French language edition of the Huffington Post on June 25, Marie-Nadine Prager, Secretary General of Socialism & Judaism, Vice President of EuroCité and a member of JCall France, shares her impressions upon returning from…

Back from the JCall’s trip to Israel and Palestine

In the context of a deadlocked political situation, the JCall trip that took place in Israel and Palestine between april 28th and may 4th 2013 has gathered 100 JCall members from Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland with the…

Presentation of the JCall’s tour

 From April, 27th to May, 5th, a hundred of JCall’s members coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Nederland and Switzerland will travel on the roads of Israel and the Palestinians territories.   This first trip organized by JCall in Israel…

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