About Us

JCall brings together Jewish European citizens who are deeply attached to Israel’s existence and security, while at the same time are very concerned for its future. JCall does not underestimate external threats to Israel, but it considers that the state is endangered by its occupation of the West Bank, along with the steady growth of the settlements both there and in the Arab areas of East Jerusalem. Moreover, this policy increasingly weakens and isolates Israel internationally by diminishing its reputation in the eyes of global public opinion.

We consider that only the end of occupation and the creation of a viable Palestinian state will guarantee the long-term sustainability of Israel as a democratic state with a Jewish majority, and restore its deserved position among nations.

JCall is an independent initiative of European Jews who wish to make their voices heard. It has no connection with any Israeli movement or party. The initiators and signatories of JCall do not contest in any way the legitimacy and representative qualities of Jewish institutional organisations. They wish only to differentiate themselves from their all-too-often unconditional support of Israeli policies.

They claim the right to express their views when they feel that these policies threaten the very interests of the State. At the same time, they strongly oppose the campaigns to delegitimize Israel as a state that are now developing in many European countries.

JCall wishes to open a debate on Israel’s future with the Jewish communities of Europe, and to create a movement of opinion to ensure that reason eventually prevails over passion.

Increasingly, Jewish European citizens are reacting against specific campaigns questioning the very essence of the state of Israel, and are unable to differentiate these attacks from legitimate criticism of Israeli policies, similar to criticism directed at any other state. We claim that, faced with this situation, the temptation to withdraw into oneself should be resisted. Through our commitment, we wish to demonstrate that it is possible to fight both the heinous and illegitimate condemnations of Israel, as well as the Israeli government’s policies when we consider that it has made mistakes.

By placing itself above partisan splits, JCall wishes to appeal to European heads of diplomacy to use their influence with the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority as the United States do already, so as to achieve a reasonable and swift settlement of the conflict.

JCall is very aware that it is up to Israeli and Palestinian leaders alone to negotiate and take political decisions, but it wishes to promote a solution acceptable for both parties, which would be the only guarantee of a lasting agreement.