JLink statement on Ukraine


J-Link is an international progressive Jewish network dedicated to promoting peace, human rights, and democracy. The past few weeks have shocked the world as we observe the unprovoked aggression of Russia against Ukraine and its legitimate, democratically elected government. The Russian action determined to subvert the democratic rights of Ukrainians has invited allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity, as Russian forces direct attacks against innocent civilians unleashing a flood of 3 million refugees to countries in Europe and elsewhere.

We join a wide range of Jewish organizations in many regions of the world, united in a show of support to Ukraine in its struggle to defend its sovereignty and democracy and to end the Ukrainian humanitarian disaster that threatens to draw other democratic countries into the maelstrom.

We call upon the international community to support efforts at devising a regional arrangement which entails an immediate cease fire, a safe return of refugees and of people displaced by the conflict, and a reconstruction of Ukraine. More generally, there is an urgent need in the world to restore an international order based on the self determination of nations, respect for human rights, dialogue and peace building.

It is both in Israel’s interest and its moral duty, as a country that pleaded for assistance to help Jewish refugees fleeing from oppressive countries, to protect Ukrainian refugees regardless of faith, unequivocally denounce Russian aggression and abide by the policy of sanctions adopted by other countries.

23 mars 2022

The J-Link Coordinating Committee
Ken Bob (Ameinu, U.S.A.), Giorgio Gomel (JCall Europe, Italy), Barbara Landau (JSpace, Canada), Alon Liel (PWG, Israel), Pablo Lumerman (J Amlat, Argentina), Gabriella Saven (JDI, South Africa)


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