Russia’s ambitions, from Europe to the Middle East


Conference Tuesday March15 at 8:30p.m. (French time)

The current events in Ukraine are the culmination of a project conceived and carefully prepared by Putin for a number of years, to restore Russia’s place in the world in Soviet times.

Several questions arise. How did that empire, which collapsed thirty years ago, succeed in rebuilding a State and an army allowing it today to attack Ukraine after having gradually taken control, by putting the salami policy into practice, of other neighbouring territories like those of Crimea or Georgia, and cause the greatest threat to peace in Europe since 1945 ?

How did the Russian army, after its rout in Afghanistan, harbinger of the fall of the Soviet regime, feed from conflicts in the Middle East to become a military power again, supporting Bachar El Assad’s bloodthirsty regime, under the indifferent eye of Westerners ?

How does that country, whose GDP barely exceeds that of Spain, have the means of its ambitions ?

What will be the impact, in the Middle East, of the current arm wrestling in Europe ? Will Russia end Israel’s freedom of maneuvring in Syria ? Will it try to get closer to Iran, with potential impacts such as strengthening Hezbollah ?

In order to answer these questions, and even more, we organize a conference together with La Paix Maintenant on March 15th, face-to-face and by zoom, with :

Galia Ackerman, born in Moscow, has lived in Israel before settling in France in 1984. She is a specialist of Ukraine and of the ideology of the post-Soviet Russia ;

Bernard Guetta, journalist, specialist of international geopolitics, European deputy since 2019 on the “Renaissance LRM/MODEM“list and of the “Renew Europe“ group, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Ksenia Svetlova, born in Moscow, studied at the Jerusalem Hebrew University. She is a specialist of Middle East Affairs and was MP Knesset from 2015 to 2019 as member of the Zionist Union.

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