Dr Obama’s therapy

Listening to and reading the first reactions to last week’s speech to representatives of Israeli youth in Jerusalem, it’s easy to see how little international

Text of Obama’s Speech in Israel

Peace is necessary … Peace is just … Peace is possible …told President Obama to the people of Israel in his speech in Jerusalem today.

The post-electoral tragi-comedy

Nearly three weeks after having been named by President Shimon Peres to form the next government, Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself between a rock and a

Sitting Down With Amos Oz

By Roger Cohen The New York Times / International Herald Tribune, January 28, 2013 Tel Aviv AMOS Oz, the novelist whose stories and tales have

Israel Palestine borders

Shaul Arieli describes the positions regarding the border between Israel and the Palestinians. He points to the feasibility of a border agreement to be determined

Jerusalem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Shaul Arieli describes the issue of Jerusalem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict-historical background, the Israeli Palestinian negotiating proposals, and particularly the consequences of existing trends on

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