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900 acres seized in the West Bank: one more impediment to peace

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JCall, the European Jewish Call for Israel and for Peace, strongly condemns the recent Israeli initiative aiming to seize 900 acres of land located in the West Bank, in the Bethlehem area, in response to the killing, last June, of the three Israeli teenagers.  However atrocious this murder may have been, it would never allow a State based on the rule of law to engage in a kind of “collective retaliation” which could only weaken furthermore the Palestinian Authority and its President Mahmoud Abbas, key partners to reach a political agreement.

Following the Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, the message is quite clear: with Hamas, we negotiate, with the Palestinian Authority, we extend colonization !

JCall considers that only a  resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, determined to succeed by implementing a solution based on the principle of “Two People/Two State, would put en end to the spiral of violence.

JCall supports all those who, in Israel, oppose this provocative decision which will undoubtedly blot the image of the country. Israel thus risks to find itself facing up to a “diplomatic intifada” of an extreme intensity, as Tsipi Livni has recently pointed out.

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