Middle-East: Resume the political dialogue

Once again, a new episode of the Middle East conflict will end with a cease-fire which will hopefully occur as soon as possible. Time has come to call out the actors involved in this conflict and to tell them they must resume the political dialogue. We all know that there is no military solution. An actual resumption of the negotiations between the Israeli governement and the Palestinian Authority will be the only way to avoid a stalemate and the perspective of new clashes in the next few months.

Through an appeal to Euopeans leaders launched a few months ago, JCall pointed out that without an international political intervention, the situation was likely to deteriorate heavily. Unfortunately, this has come true. Our new appeal is even more urgent: it is not too late to propose a framework to both parties and to save the chances for peace in the region.

Besides, in several European cities, we have recently witnessed demonstrations which, under the guise of supporting Palestine, have turned into violent antisemitic demonstrations. It is thus important to recall that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must not be imported to our countries, and that it falls to people in charge of associations to set themselves apart from extremists who distort the cause they pretend to champion.

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  1. Adrian Knott

    What we see in Gaza at present is an affront to humanity. The might of Israel used against an embattled community is totally distasteful. It is up to Israel to make big and generous offers for peace – for instance go back to the 1968 frontiers and remove the illegal settlements. Anything less will not result in peace and it is up to the USA to understand this and limit its support of Israel until peace is achieved. This beautiful area has been ruined by conflict for more than half a century; “When will they ever learn?” Adrian Knottnn1nn1

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