2015 Election Israel Press Releases

Israeli Elections: Let us not Give in to Despair

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Benyamin Netanyahu is about to start a fourth mandate after having repeated statements that sound like provocations. In order to win the votes of the extreme right, he pledged to continue building settlements and rejected every possibility of founding a Palestinian State during his mandate.


JCall expresses its deep concern in view of a deadlock likely to continue and worsen: we may indeed fear that Israel will be led into a devastating diplomatic isolation and faced with renewed violence in the absence of any prospect of a negotiated solution.


However, we welcome the campaigns of the Zionist Union and of the Meretz which allowed to gain seats while defending Israel’s core values and reasserting the necessity of a dialogue-based policy.


JCall’s work will go on. We will stand with all those who, in Israel, aspire to a pragmatic solution based on the principle of “Two people/Two States“, more necessary than ever for Israelis as well as for Palestinians.

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