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Copenhagen attacks: Sadness and Anger

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Tragic record last week-end. First Copenhagen, where two murderous attacks targeted the same symbols as in Paris last month: a meeting organized to defend freedom of expression, and a synagogue. Then, Alsace, where a Jewish graveyard was desecrated. JCall expresses its deep distress and its indignation in the face of these savage acts which sadden new families, and it assures them of its full solidarity.

Once again, democracy and Jews are aimed at together. We know, through our long history, that those who attack democracy won’t spare Jews, and that any attack aimed at Jews endangers democracy. As Goethe wrote, “Jews are the thermometer of the degree of humanity of Humanity“.

We welcome the European leaders’ rallying against antisemitism and we find inappropriate, to say the least, the Israeli Prime Minister’s statements calling for European Jews to immigrate to Israel after these attacks.

A rallying around the values of democracy will be the sole bastion against the ideologies of hatred preached by the Islamist terrorists of Copenhagen and Paris.

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