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JCall denounces the cowardly attack in Burgas

JCall mourns the loss of the victims of the attack against a bus full of Israeli tourists in the vacation resort of Burgas in Bulgaria.

The victims were mostly young travelers who were targeted solely because they were Israelis. JCall wishes to express its condolences to the family and friends of the victims and wishes for the speedy recovery of those injured.

We remember that the barbaric attack in Burgas took place on the anniversary of the bombing of the Jewish Community Center (AMIA) in Buenos Aires in 1994. Perpetrated by terrorists linked to Hezbollah and Iran, the bombing at AMIA resulted in the death of 85 people and about 300 being injured. The Burgas bombing occurred about 40 years after the massacre of 11 Israelis at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. This anniversary is sadly marked by the Olympic Committee’s shameful refusal to commemorate the Israelis who were murdered 40 years ago.

The crime in Burgas reminds us of the absolute necessity of fighting terrorism. Besides being morally unjustifiable, these terrorist actions thwart the efforts to find a just political solution to the conflicts that are tearing apart the Middle East.

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