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1 – Sign our appeal and meeting with Zeev Sternhell

Last days events reinforce our concern over the risk of witnessing renewed violence in the Middle East.

Actions carried out by Jewish extremist groups in the name of  the“ Price Tag“ against Christian and Muslim religious buildings and against properties belonging to Palestinians in the territories or to Israel Arab citizens are condemned by the government and by almost the whole of the Israeli political  class. But they remain so far widely unpunished and are a matter of concern for the goverment on the eve of the pope’s visit in the Holy Land.

The announcement of the death of two young Palestinians, killed during the  protests commemorating the Nakbah, sparked anger in the Palestinian streets. Two Israeli journalists covering these events did almost bear the brunt of it; they finally owed their safety to  the Palestinian police.

A few days before the European elections, our  leaders are indeed more concerned by the expected results of this ballot, announcing the rise of populist anti-European parties, than by the international situation. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems to be off their agenda, turned now towards the situation in Ukrainia.

We think that it is not an option  to allow the situation to return to the status quo ante in the Middle East. It is the reason why we have launched two weeks ago  our appeal to European leaders to ask them to join with the Americans to propose a framework. This appeal has already been signed by several hundred people. Most personalities who had supported us when JCall was created have signed it. Among them : Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Georges Bensoussan, Alain Finkielkraut, Elisabeth de Fontenay, Guy Haarscher, Gad Lerner, Pierre Nora, Dominique Schnapper, les rabbins Michel Serfaty et David Meyer, …

In case you have not signed it yet, there is still time to do so on our website:

Furthermore, we invite you to meet on Tuesday May 27th at 8. 30 p.m., at the Cercle Bernard Lazare, Professor Zeev Sternhell, laureate of the Israel Prize for Political Science, member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Zeev Sternhell is currently in Paris to present his new book, “Histoire et Lumières, Changer le monde par la raison“, a series of interviews conducted by the journalist Nicolas Weill.
During this meeting, he will share his analysis on the situation in Israel after the failure of the negotiations.

Free admission for the members who have paid their fees; 5€ contribution for others

2 – European elections :

Next Sunday will take place the European elections.

Zeev Sternhell, who will be our guest next Tuesday, has recently said during a meeting held in Paris, at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme, that

“The fate of Jews depends on the Enlightenment values. Where they falter, we are in danger.”

We must not forget it.

This is why we urge you to cast your votes in favour of the lists provided by democratic parties.

Help us fight against scepticism and apathy. With your help we can make a difference.

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