Shana tova – Bonne année – Happy new year – A guit yohr

To say the least, 5774 which won’t stay a historic year. The failure of peace negotiations led by John Kerry between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas (the Israeli Prime Minister being to blame for this failure, even though he is not the only one accountable for it), the Gaza war imposed on Israel by Hamas, the Brussels Jewish Museum attack by Mehdi Nemmouche were tragic events. Numerous anti-Semitic acts and violence occurred throughout Europe, especially in France, where the Jewish community is very concerned.

Is 5775 off to a most promising start? Even if guns have fallen silent, we have reason to doubt it: the rise of the Islamic State, the difficult negotiations with Teheran on nuclear weapons and the actual refusal of the Israeli government to negotiate seriously with the Palestinians do not exactly give us cause for hope. However, “Hope is not necessary to engagement nor success to perseverance“, as William I, prince of Orange said.

JCall continues to strive for the end of colonisation, for the Two-State Solution, and for peace. In October 2013 and June 2014 we organized two conferences with leading personalities; in November 2013 we joined the French President’s trip to Israel and to the Palestinian territories, and in July 2014 we participated in the Haaretz Conference for Peace in Tel Aviv. We will keep working without sparing our efforts in the hope that 5775 will mark a significant step toward peace.

Meanwhile, we wish you all Shana Tova. May 5775 fulfill your wishes and bring us peace!


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