Grief and justice, without calling for revenge

 Jewish European network for Israel & for peace

 Yesterday, the discovery of the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers ended more than two weeks of  anguish but also the hope of seeing these three children come back home safe and sound. Once again, unfortunately, the merciless and criminal terrorists’ logic left no chance to Guilad, Naftali and Eyal.  Today we may only express our deep sympahy with the families’ grief and condemn these horrendous murders.

We hope, with all the Israeli people, that the culprits will be found and tried very fast. Their arrests and convictions will be the only answer to the calls for revenge whish we hear in such painful times. This tragedy must not lead to a new cycle of violence that would claim further fatalities among civilians from both sides. Such a scenario, if it were to occur, would only weaken the moderates in the area and make even more remote the necessary solution to the conflict

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