A coalition government against Israel ?


Meeting of the High Court on May, 3th.

If the coalition agreements signed by the Likud and he Blue White list are validated by the Knesset, they may put at risk the Jewish and democratic nature of the State of Israel.

In order to be implemented, these agreements require the amendment of several fundamental laws of the country and as a result, they threaten the balance between the three powers—executive and legislative and judicial— that, since Montesquieu, remains the foundation of democracy.

For the first time since the creation of the State, eleven of the fifteen judges of the Supreme Court of Israel must adjudicate on two issues during sessions broadcasted live on TV:

The possibility to entrust a defendant charged with fraud, breach of trust and corruption with the constitution of the government, whereas a deputy under the same charge cannot be  appointed as Minister.

The constitutionality of the laws that will have to be voted by the Knesset in order to implement the coalition agreements such as:

—The creation of the post of Deputy Minister that will replace 18 months later the Prime Minister without compelling him to resign and without a vote.

—The possibility for a Prime Minister or a Deputy Minister to continue to perform his duties if he is charged wih a criminal offence.

—The automatic dissolution of the Knesset in case the Supreme Court decides to prevent Netanyahu from being Prime Minister

—The necessity to have the support of 75 deputees in order to vote a law that would not be approved by either of the two partners of the coalition.

—The absence of a representative of the opposition in the Judicial Appointment Commission, composed only of representatives of the coalition.

—Clauses to reduce he powers of the Knesset as a legislative authority…

Since the signing of these agreements, the Movement for the Quality of the Governement has organized several demonstrations, gathering thousands of people carrying black flags in order to express their opposition to the constitution of a “government of corrupt officials”. Several petitions and claims have been filed by the parties of the opposition and by other associations in order to ask the Supreme Court, that will have to give its decision before May 7th, to invalidate those bills. That day will be the last of the 21 days when a candidate can be elected Prime minister with the support of 61 deputees at the very least. In case of rejection by the Supreme Court, the Likud already announced that it will be necessary to organize a fourth round which, according to the current polls, should give an absolute majority to the right block.

The other clause of the coalition agreements that will have a disastrous consequence on the future of the country and on the stability of the region, is the one that provides for the enlargement of the “Israeli sovereignty”—formulation used instead of “annexation”—over the Jordan River Valley and the settlements founded in 1967, representing almost a third of the West Bank. That project would not only render inoperable the Two State Solution we are so much attached to, but it would raise the indignation of the public opinion in the whole world, threaten the peace agreements signed with Jordan and Egypt, and it would be a cause of division within Jewish communities.

That annexation might cause the collapse—voluntary or not—of the Palestinian Authority, as demonstrated by the association of the “Commanders for Israel’s Security” that regroups more than 200 Generals of the Reserve. It would force Israel to regain control of all the West Bank and of its inhabitants and would take us back 25 years; we can imagine how much it would cost in terms of security and economy.

The only requirement provided by the Coalition agreements in order to carry out that annexation is to have the backing of the United States. it is the reason why several Jewish personalities and numerous Jewish organizations have already stated publicly their opposition.

The J-Link network, the creation of which we have supported actively, decided to launch a campaign of opposition against that unilateral annexation. We intend to bring this debate within the Jewish communities and institutions, in order to make them aware of the consequences of that annexation for Israel, for its position in the world, and for the diaspora.

That campaign will mobilize us during the next months and we will keep you informed of its progress.


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