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We are CHARLIE, FRENCH JEWS, FRENCH POLICEMEN with millions of persons today all over the world.


We are CHARLIE, because we created JCall to report, as CHARLIE always did, on all forms of extremism which, in the Middle-East and elsewhere, feed on the conflicts by pitting community against community.


We are CHARLIE because we believe, like CHARLIE, in the power of men and women to overcome their fear and their rejection of others to live side by side, here like in the Middle East.


We are CHARLIE because these draughtsmen meanly murdered were for many of us intimate companions. Their caricatures, sometimes cheeky and provocative, carried often a message of tolerance and a call to reason which are intensely vital today, here like in the Middle-East.


All of us are FRENCH POLICEMEN, since they are guarantors of public order and pay a heavy cost to ensure the safety of all citizens.


All of us are FRENCH JEWS, like the innocent victims of Vincennes who have been added to those of Paris.


By willing to assassinate CHARLIE, POLICEMEN, JEWS, the murderers have unintendedly released a genuine tidal wave, carried by millions of persons who won’t let press freedom—the heart of democracy— be killed., who say No to the rejection of the principles of the Republic, who say No to antisemitism and racism, who say No to the destruction of the “living together “ in our country.


We join together with all those who say No to savagery, and we ask you all to attend demonstrations such as the one scheduled in Paris this coming Sunday, January 11th, in solidarity with CHARLIE.


Charlie République

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