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Negotiate rather than distort History

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The Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, crossed the line by insulting in the same sentence the Jewish people and the Palestinian people.
Twenty years ago, he dared to appear in demonstrations where the then Prime Minister was caricatured as a Nazi and by doing so, took his responsibility in Itzhak Rabin’s tragic destiny. He was already showing his propensity to get some political mileage out of the Shoah.
Today, Benyamin Netanyahu’s only response to the violence that flares up in Israel and Palestine consists of “nazifying“ the Palestinians by assimilating them to the ominous Mufti of Jerusalem, Hadj Amin al-Husseini, thereby disqualifying them as possible partners to quell the unrest.
Paralyzed by his powerlessness, unable to recognize his share of responsibility in the continuing violence spreading in the region, he comes to insult the Jewish people’s memory by distorting History on behalf of his interests, and by exempting Adolf Hitler of his responsibility in the outbreak of the Shoah.
Who would have thought that one day, a Prime Minister of the State of Isarel would be called to order by a German government about the historical truth of the Shoah ?
This unworthy behaviour and its predictable consequences fill Diaspora Jews with dismay and outrage. In spite of his usual posture as an advocate of Jews’ safety in the world, Benyamin Netanyahu contributes to increase their insecurity by arousing everywhere conflicts between Jews and Arabs.
His inability to take the least initiative to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, his arrogance and his blindness fuel the world’s hostility towards Israel, contribute to its isolation and encourage attempts to delegitimize it.
Violence won’t end through violence, but with a brave return to the negotiating table and an active commitment of both parties to reach a compromise.

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