Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya: the Arab world is in a turmoil. Two authoritarian regimes have already fallen and others may follow. Faced with this unstable situation, Israeli public opinion as well as many Jews in the Diaspora seem paralyzed. They fear the leap into the unknown, the rise of Islamic movements and fanatics to power.

To these fears, JCall answers borrowing John-Paul II’s words: Let us not be afraid! There is hope to be found in the events taking place in the Arab world. Indeed, those who toppled Ben-Ali and Mubarak were fighting for liberty and democracy, not to threaten Israel. The transition governments in Tunis and Cairo are first and foremost preoccupied with their people’s well-being; they are not warmongers.

The Arab world feels self-confident again and is proud of its move towards democracy. As European citizens and as Jews, we should only welcome this with joy. Evidently, dangers exist, as events unfold. But the worst would be not to do anything. It is time for Israel to make a gesture towards the democratic uprising that is shaking the Arab world and seek ways to peace.


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