JCall’s statement following E.U. decision to stop funding Israeli activities in the territories


The European Union has released in its Official Journal of July 19th new guidelines  according to which, from 2014, not one euro of grant, prize or financial instrument coming from European institutions will be attributed to Israeli entities set up in the occupied territories.

Are defined as such all territories beyond the green line, including East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. This decision is in line with the European stand denying Israeli sovereignty on these territories.

Only Israeli entities actually based inside the green line will be able to keep getting European money, and the use of a postal box as a legal address won’t be allowed, except for the NGOs operating in the territories or in East Jerusalem whose activities concern the protection of people living in these territories or the promotion of the peace process in line with the European politics.


Therefore, after having threatened to do so for years, the E.U. has taken action for the first time. If the traditional E. U. stand of not backing projects in the territories was expected, its formalization in a restrictive framework has had the effect of an earthquake in Israel and its enforcement will have a definite impact in economy.


Since its founding, JCall has appealed to the end of occupation and to the creation of a Palestinian State, and of course, it cannot but understand the European decision, while regretting, like all Israel’s friends, the deterioration of its relationship with the E.U.

JCall reiterates that is has always been steadfastly opposed to various campaigns of boycott the real purpose of which is the delegitimation of Israel on the pretext of denouncing occupation.


For years now, it is unfortunate that the successive Israeli governments have ignored the numerous warnings passed on by the E.U. representatives. Israeli authorities would commit a fatal error if they believe they can continue imposing with impunity their occupation on the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The American current negotiation is perhaps the last chance for Israel to save the Two State solution which alone guarantees that it will remain a democratic State with a Jewish majority.

JCall congratulates Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on their decision to resume talks. JCall pays tribute to Secretary of State John Kerry whose determination and efforts have created an historic opportunity which must not be missed.


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