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JCall welcomes France initiative for an international conference

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JCall welcomes the statement by Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, announcing that “In the coming weeks, France will take… steps in order to organize an international conference gathering each of the parties’ principle partners – principally Americans, Europeans and Arabs — in order to preserve and to bring about the two-state solution.”

While the conflict management does not seem anymore to be one of the main priorities of the international community, more concerned with the chaotic situation in the Middle East, due to the actions and threats of Daesh, and with its impact in Europe (massive arrival of migrants), it is indeed important for France to assume its “responsibility as a UN Security Council permanent member and as a power seeking peace” by reaffirming the necessity to address this issue.

France is aware that it must not let the “two-state solution unravel“, and proposes, with the help of their relevant partners, to resume a disrupted dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. By including neighbouring Arab States, especially those facing the Islamist threat, this conference could lead to the adoption of agreements for regional security which would help find a solution to the conflict.

Of course, the possible recognition of the Palestinian State by France announced from the outset, in case this attempt to achieve a negotiated solution reaches a dead end, is certainly not the best way of encouraging Israelis to support this project. However, instead of rejecting it, as Prime Minister Netanyahu did immediately, saying ironically that “Paris will perhaps propose also a peace conference with Daesh“, Israel would be better advised to look for a political solution to the conflict.

After four months of a wave of terror which the Israeli security services are unable to stop, in spite of their constant cooperation with the Palestinian Authority security services, while the number of Israeli and Palestinian casualties rises every day, it is time to break free from this cycle of violence. Only a serious resumption of the negotiations, associated to measures reestablishing a minimum degree of trust between both peoples, with the support and the involvement of the international community, may open to a political perspective—especially to the Palestinian youth which, unable to plan for the future, may be tempted by terrorism. It is time to get out from a statu quo suicidal for Israel and to give new hope to both populations.

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