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JCall supports the Paris Conference on the Middle East and condemns the recent adoptions, by a Unesco political organ, of a text approved by France

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JCall supports the Paris Conference on the Middle East to be held May 30th and looks forwards to it, especially given the persistent obstruction of the peace process perpetuating a deadly statu quo.

JCall points out that according to all surveys, a settlement based on the Two State Solution is supported by a majority of Israelis and Palestinians. It means that such a settlement can be achieved, subject to the mobilization of the international community and to a real political will among Israelis and Palestinians. In this respect, JCall can only regret the negative reaction of the Israeli government.

The components are known at least since the early 2000s, with the Clinton parameters and the Taba negotiations. These components have been formalized after two years of negotiations by the Geneva Initiative working group, composed of Israelis and Palestinians who had occupied high State posts in their respective countries. Most of these components are part of the Arab Peace Initiative launched by Saudi Arabia in 2002, endorsed by the Arab League in 2005, clarified in 2013 in order to formally incorporate the necessity of a negotiated solution to the refugee question.

JCall hopes that, according to the explicit wishes of Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the Paris Conference will create the conditions of a quick resumption of a direct dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, absolute prerequisite to a settlement of the conflict.

Responsive and constructive diplomatic efforts are based on these axes, unlike the appeals of those who would like the international community, or at least, the government of their country, to take on anti-Israel positions.

In this respect, the recent adoption, by a Unesco political organ, of a text approved by France, Russia and three other members of the European Union—Spain, Slovenia and Sweden—denying the reality of the link between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, shows exactly what should not be done.

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