“Towards a new Middle East ?”


Zoom conference on October 20th at 7p.m. (Paris time) with Jean-Pierre Filiu, Dominique Moisi and Daniel Shek

Are the standardization agreements signed in Washington last September 15th between Israel and the United Arab Emirates on one hand, and Israel and Barhain on the other hand the prelude a new Middle East ?

These “Abraham” agreements are the only outcome of the famous “deal of the century’ promised by President Trump early in his tenure in order to put an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict. A few weeks before the American elections, which are likely to be difficult for him. Trump pressed for signature of the agreements in order to pride himself on a success in foreign policy, to make up for his mismanagement of the sanitary and economic crisis in the United States. These agreements also come at the right time for Netanyahu, who is domestically bullied by a protest movement that is challenging him personally.

Failing to put an end to the conflict, these agreements give evidence of a change of alliances in the region. Facing the Iranian threat, some Sunni Arab countries prefer to get closer to Israel at the sacrifice of the Palestinian cause. Denounced as treachery by Palestinians, these agreements are presented in Israel and in the United States like the start of a process that will lead other Arab countries to follow the example of the Emirates and of Barhain.

In order to benefit from the economic and strategic advantages promised by Americans, will these countries go as far as signing agreements leading to the normalization of their relationship with Israel ?

Can Israel do without concessions to Palestinians in order to sign peace agreements with Arab countries and keep occupying Palestinian territories unchecked ?

In order to answer those questions, and even more, we invite you to participate to the conference organized together with JCall and La Paix Maintenant, Tuesday, October 20th, at 7 p.m. (French time), that will be released by Zoom (in French without English translation).

We invited three personalities who will share with us their knowledge of the region and their expertise:

Jean-Pierre Filiu, professor of Middle East studies at Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs. Attached to the CERI (Center of International Research), he maintains a blog on the website of the daily paper “Le Monde”: “Un si Proche Orient” (Such a close Middle East). His last publications are Main Basse sur Israël: Netanyahou et la fin du rêve sioniste, La Découverte 2019; Algérie, la nouvelle indépendance, Le Seuil, 2019.

Dominique Moisi, geopolitician, Special Advisor to Institut Montaigne and Professor at King’s College, London. He is a founding member of the Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri), for which he worked as Deputy Director before being appointed Special Advisor. His last publications are: Leçons de Lumière, Les éditions de ‘Observatoire, 2019; Le nouveau déséquilibre du monde, les éditions de l’Observatoire, 2017.

Daniel Shek, diplomat, former ambassador of Israel in France (2006-2010)

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