JCall is a non profit group of European Jewish citizens and friends
of Israel who call for a negotiated peace between
Israelis and Palestinians, based on the two-state solution.
Are we heading towards a third intifada ?

Unfortunately, we are not surprised to witness a situation in which, once again, the occupied territories are on the brink of explosion. We have repeated again and again that offering only a status quo perspective to Israelis and Palestinians as…

Put Abbas to the Test

  Editorial Jewish Daily Forward Published March 04, 2014. New York – USA – The tendentious exchange between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu these last few days underscores how differently each man views the third party in the…

JCall press release on events ongoing in Gaza and in Israel

At a time when, once again, people in Southern – and for the first time Central – Israel are under the threat of rockets launched from Gaza, JCall, the European Jewish network for Israel and for peace, expresses its total…

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