After the cease-fire

After 11 days of war, Hamas and Israel accepted a cease-fire that put an end to this new round of violence, the sixth one since

Bibi or not Bibi

Drawing from Biderman in Ha’aretz. It is written on the sign : “I am the 4000th dead” In two months, Israel will vote again for

From one election to the next

Donald Trump needed more than 3 weeks to admit Joe Biden’s victory, and even so, he keeps saying that the election had been fraudulent, which

Facing antisemitism: miss nothing

We are witnessing now a widespread increase of antisemitism in the world. It would be irresponsible to ignore it. Since JCall’s creation in 2010, we

There are still judges in Jerusalem !

On October 18th, the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision to allow Lara Alqasem,  a young American student of Palestinian origin, to enter Israel in order to

We won’t give up !

According to the Jewish tradition, we usually say on Rosh Hashana’s eve: « May the year end with its curses and begin with its blessings. »

The Gaza trap

Friday March 30th, as Jews celebrated the first day of Passover—festival of freedom commemorating the Hebrews’ exodus from Egypt after they were freed from slavery—Hamas

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