During the fighting that pitted Arab forces against Jewish forces, in the 1948 war, some Palestinians fled their homes and others were chased from theirs. It was a tragedy, analogous to those vast forced displacements of populations which marked the wars of the 20th century. The only possible response is to establish an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, widen it to an Israeli-Arab peace agreement, supported by the international community. This would not comprise a mass return to Israel: such demands envisage piling injustice upon injustice, and maintaining a permanent conflict which some hope will lead to the eventual destruction of the state of Israel but which is more likely to lead to widespread massacre. All the genuine projects of resolution, such as the Geneva Initiative, envisage that the Palestinians will receive indemnities and will be able to choose to live permanently in the state of Palestine; if they wish to live in another country, Israel included, it will be up to that country to agree.

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