The document which was made public on 1st December 2003 by the Geneva Initiative is based on the principle of the coexistence of two independent states, the state of Israel and the state of Palestine, with full diplomatic relations, each recognising the sovereignty and territorial independence of its neighbour, with specific clauses ensuring the security of the state of Israel. The borders are based on the 1967 ‘Green Line’, with minor adjustments to be made by an exchange of territories with equivalent surface, meaning that the large majority of Israelis who today live beyond the ‘Green Line’ would not have to move, since the land where they live today would become part of Israel as part of a territorial exchange. The city of Jerusalem would be the subject of its own agreement, whose terms would agree that each state would have it as its own capital – the state of Israel in Jewish Jerusalem, the state of Palestine in Arab Jerusalem. Palestinian refugees could choose to live in the future state of Palestine, and they would receive indemnities; if they wish to live in a different country, including Israel, that country would decide. The final agreement would bring a definitive end to all claims, territorial or other, between the two sides.

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