J-Link Statement on the Vaccination of Palestinians


J-Link, the international network of progressive Jewish organizations, joins Israeli NGO’s and international organizations in advocating that Israel supply COVID vaccines to Palestinians in the West Bank.
What threatens the health and economy of Palestinians also threatens Israeli citizens, including those living in settlements. According to international and humanitarian law, the Israeli government is both legally and morally obligated to provide Palestinians living under occupation with COVID vaccines.
It is intolerable that over 450,000 Israeli settlers are vaccinated while their Palestinian neighbors are not.
J-Link calls on Israel to work in close cooperation with the Palestinian National
Authority, the World Health Organization, and other international actors to promote the safety and well-being of all residents in the West Bank who live under its control.
Hopefully, this can be a stepping stone toward future cooperation.
Yours respectfully,

J-Link Coordinating Committee,
Kenneth Bob (Ameinu, U.S.A.), Barbara Landau (JSpaceCanada, Canada), Alon Liel (Policy Working Group, Israel), Pablo Lummerman (J-AmLat, Argentina), Giorgio Gomel (JCall Europe, Italy), Gabriella Saven (The Jewish Democratic Initiative, South Africa).


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