Attacks in Paris and Jerusalem : no confusion!


The recent Islamist attacks perpetrated in France have prompted intense emotions we all share. We also support the fight led against “the army of fanatics who committed these crimes », as President François Hollande said.

In such circumstances, the Republican unity is the rule and we must refrain from interpreting the events according to partisan references. However, a few anti-Israeli resist-at-all-costs and a few pro-Israeli resist-at-all-costs have tried to use the tragedy of the attacks as an argument.

Some have claimed right away that the “Palestinian issue“ is a “matrix of the rational delirium of  the jihadist killers “ operating in France. They thus intended to cause a reversal of French politics which, according to them, are too much in favour of Israel.

At the same time, staunch defenders of the Israeli policy declared that “the jihadist terrorism striking [here and there] is the same“. Concluding that the French government must establish closer ties with the Israeli government.

Pro-Palestine or pro-Israel one-upmanship: aims are opposite, but the process is similat. Both sides want to use the terrorist attacks against France as an argument in order to spread their selective vision or the Middle-East reality.
Of course, the perpretators of the attacks in Paris and Jerusalem share a perverted Muslim religiosity, tinged with anti-Jew prejudices. But the circumstances of commitment and acting out are totally different, and the intelligence services of both countries agree to deny the existence of a direct relationship or of a reciprocal influence between Paris  and Jerusalem terrorists.

Such discourses aiming to exploit the November 13th tragedy in order to support a  Middle-Eastern argument are indecent. They induce a biased reasoning on the nature of the Israelo-Palestinian conflict. And they are likely to revive the “importing of the conflict into France“, with the disastrous consequences we already experienced.


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