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  Dear friends,

Within a few days, John Kerry, Secretary of State, will start his eleventh visit to the region since he assumed office a year ago, showing the American willingness to reach an agreement between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Apparently, he wishes to be able to submit to them by the end of January a framework agreement in which will be broached all the issues in dispute. His chances of talking Benjamin Netanyahou and Mahmoud Abbas into signing it seem stronger today than they were at the beginning of his mediation. As most observers have pointed out, neither protagonist can afford to appear as the one responsible for the failure of negotiations. Even so, it won’t be sufficient to convince each of them to make the necessary compromises.

Unlike the “informed observers“ of the Middle-East scene who follow these negotiations with skepticism, we’re not sitting on the bench watching the match. By founding JCall, we sort of positioned ourselves on the field, together with the Israeli team, so as to induce it to make the only viable choice ensuring that Israel remains a democracy with a Jewish majority.

For this reason, we have decided to support the January 17tth day of action proposed by the Peace NGO Forum, involving sit-ins in the country’s main crossroads, with placards reminding that “a majority took a stand for peace“. This slogan refers to the majority of the Israeli population which, survey after survey, confirms its choice of the Two State Solution.

The Peace NGO Forum understood the necessity of calling up the public opinion  so as to generate a momentum toward an agreement. Please help us to support it, by paying now your subscription for 2014.


Besides, we organize on February 6th, at 8.30 p.m., together with the Cercle Bernard Lazare, 10 rue Saint Claude, 75003 Paris, a meeting with Denis Charbit, professor at the Open University of Tel Aviv, and Mossi Raz, former Meretz deputy, presently co-director of All for Peace radio. They will expose and analyze the chances of success of the current negotiations.We look forward to seeing you there (free admission for the members who have paid their fees; 5€ contribution for others).


2014 will be a year full of challenges, and may be a decisive year for the future of the Middle-East. More than ever, we will summon up our forces to make the voice of reason heard. We deeply wish that the hope for peace will become this year a reality fot the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

We offer you and your relatives our best wishes for 2014

JCall’s staff

PS : JCall has released a statement following the death of Ariel Sharon.

The text is available here: http://en.jcall.eu/category/press-releases


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