Is Jerusalem burning ? (JCall’s press release / Nov the 1st, 2014)


While Jerusalem is on the verge of exploding, there is still time to prevent the worst from happening.

We condemn the attempted murder of Yehuda Glick, an Israeli ultra-right militant and staunch supporter of the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, all the more strongly as we denounce the hazardous and irresponsible ideology he conveys.

We condemn the continued construction in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods and the West Bank which makes it increasingly more difficult to create a viable Palestinian state and fuels the sense of frustration and anger of the Palestinian people, thereby strengthening extremist movements among them. The author of the previous attack in Jerusalem, which killed a three month old baby and a woman, was a resident of Silwan, a village located above the presumed site of the City of David where Israel has recently carried out a number of expropriations.

Since the end of last war in Gaza, the Israeli government has done nothing to resume negotiations and establish a new perspective in politics which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared he would present to Palestinians. On the contrary, the new construction programs in the West Bank constantly announced, or Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon ‘s project of opening a separate line of buses for Palestinian residents of the West Bank, initiated by pressure from the settlers, can only lead to despair Palestinians who see no future in their own land.

Such decisions can only weaken Israel’s position on the international scene and increase its isolation while the development of conflicts in the region should instead encourage him to strengthen alliances with strategic allies, including Muslim countries engaged in the fight against Islamist movements. The recognition of the Palestinian State by Sweden, or the UK Parliament vote in its favor, are the first tangible signs of a change of attitude towards Israel in European countries. As for the United States, recent statements made by officials of the US administration about Israeli leaders, even if they are diplomatically toned down or denied afterwards, show the increasing weariness of Israel’s strongest ally.

Twenty years after the signing of the Peace Treaty with Jordan, and on the eve of the commemoration of the nineteenth anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, it is not too late for the political leaders of both peoples—the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority— to return to the negotiating table.

Rabin was assassinated almost 20 years ago, we must not allow the message he carried to be assassinated !


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