Brussels: Terrorist attack against Jewish Culture


Jewish European network for Israel & for peace

 It is with indignation that JCall, the Jewish European network for Israel and for peace, has learnt of the savage attack againt the Jewish Museum of Belgium, located in the historical heart of Brussels.

JCall’s thoughts go first and foremost to the victims of this terrorist attack, a couple of tourists, a volunteer and an intake worker. They paid in a tragic way their interest and their attachment to Jewish culture and humanism. JCall  conveys its deepest condolences and support to their families and loved ones.

The killers whose motives and identity are still unknown when we write these lines, knew perfectly where their  bloody venture led them. The Jewish Museum is well established. It is signposted. JCall can then denouce an odiously antisemitic attack.

JCall pays tribute to the unanimous solidarity of democratic parties and of Belgian authorities at the highest levels of the State, and to messages of support from most European leaders. JCall hopes that this rallying will  help to confound the perpetrators and to bring them to justice.

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