Presentation of the JCall’s tour


 From April, 27th to May, 5th, a hundred of JCall’s members coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Nederland and Switzerland will travel on the roads of Israel and the Palestinians territories.


This first trip organized by JCall in Israel and in the Palestinian territories aims at reaching several objectives:

–          Discover together the different components of the conflict by meeting several politics and people involved in actions to solve it, from both Israeli and Palestinian societies.


–          Better inform the Israeli society on JCall’s commitments and motivations


–          Enable the representatives of different JCall European groups to meet and to better know each other.


The program of each day of this trip is built focusing on one or several topics. All of them aim at presenting one aspect of the situation. Together they enable to have a more complete view of the situation. The next table gives a non-exhaustive outlook of these topics.




Sunday 04/28 The issues of security – the situation of the development cities in the South of the country – the consequences of the conflict on both societies: dehumanization process of the Other
Monday 04/29 The situation of the Arab Israelis – the situation in the “Triangle” region (where lie a lot of Israeli Arab cities and villages) – the outline of the “Security Fence” or “Separation Wall” and its consequences for the neighboring Israeli and Palestinian populations.
Tuesday 04/30 The situation of the Palestinian Authority in the territories under its control
Wednesday 05/01 Meeting with political representatives and settlers
Thursday 05/02 The political issues on Jerusalem, inside the city and its outskirt: the different outlines of the frontier – the Israeli projects and their consequences – Objectives and consequences of archeological digging in and around the Old City
Friday 05/03 The Jewish implantations in the West Bank and the “settlers”
Saturday 05/04 Day off and conclusion on the trip in the evening


During a week we will travel from Sderot to Nazareth and from Tel Aviv to Ramallah passing by Jerusalem and Bethleem. Every day we will try to report our visits and meetings in this heading.

Follow us by reading our travel journal.




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