Letter of congratulation by J-Link to President Biden and Vice President Harris


November 11, 2020

Dear President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris:
J-Link, an international network of progressive Jewish organizations, congratulates you on your election. We wish you great success with your efforts to heal the divides, promote justice and raise hope domestically and globally.
As Jews who care about the state of Israel, its democracy and its security, we call upon you to renew humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people and re-establish US contact with the Palestinian Authority. These steps and others will allow you to re-ignite peace talks in order to bring about a resolution of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.
Attached to this letter is our J-Link Mission Statement. We support the traditional US role as a respected and impartial promoter of peace in the Middle East. We look forward to working with your government in support of our shared desire for a peaceful future.
Yours respectfully,
J-Link Coordinating Committee,

Ken Bob (Ameinu, U.S.A.), Barbara Landau (JSpaceCanada, Canada), Alon Liel (Policy Working Group, Israel), Pablo Lummerman (J-AmLat, Argentina), Giorgio Gomel (JCall Europe, Italy), Gabriella Saven (The Jewish Democratic Initiative, South Africa).


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