Total solidarity with the Israeli population


Fifty years after the sneak attack on Yom Kippur of the Egyptian and Syrian armies along the Suez canal and on the Golan Heights, the Israeli army was again surprised yesterday morning, the last day of Sukkot, by an attack of Hamas forces. Despite the Iron Dome and protective walls, several hundred Hamas militants managed to enter Israeli territory and invade villages and kibbutzim and the city of Sderot, close to the Gaza border. Thousands of missiles were fired at Israeli territory. The people had to lock themselves in their shelters, while Hamas operatives were around them, trying to set fire to their homes. Now there are already more than 600 dead and more than 2000 wounded among civilians and military. Dozens of Israelis, including children and elderly people, were taken hostage and brought back to Gaza

Time will come later to understand how such an attack could have been prepared without the security forces realizing it, and how Hamas operatives were able to break through this border that was presented as hermetic, protected by electronic barriers.

For now Israel will have to defend itself and we first affirm our total and unconditional support for the Israeli population and its army and we associate ourselves with the pain of the families who have lost their loved ones.

But we must also recognize that, like 50 years ago, Israeli leaders have been caught up in their own rhetoric, convinced of their strength and of the correctness of their strategy. It is time to understand that no wall, no matter how high, will be able to contain a population indoctrinated for years by extremist speeches. It is no coincidence that Hamas launched this operation while negotiations are underway, under the aegis of the Americans, for a peace agreement with the Saudis.

When this new cycle of violence is over and the threat is removed, if we want to avoid the next surprise, we must finally give Palestinians political perspectives and not let extremists dictate their agenda.


We call on you to join the event in support of the Israeli population organized by the CRIF tomorrow Monday October 9th  at 6:30 p.m., place Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris


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