JLink’s Letter to Benny Gantz, Minister of Defense


26 October 2021

Dear Minister Benny Gantz,

J-Link, a broad international network of progressive Jewish organizations, approached you in
May 2020, then as Chairman of the Knesset, to express our opposition to the proposed
annexation of parts of the West Bank. The plan was withdrawn, and we were proud to have
contributed to such an outcome.
Similarly, we are now struck by your designation of prominent Palestinian civil society
organizations as terrorist organizations, with an absence of any open and fair process. We
side with the recent protest by many respected Israeli NGOs that condemned such an act as
“a draconian measure that criminalizes critical human rights work”. No distinction is implied
between those waging a violent struggle against the state and the people of Israel on one
hand, and on the other hand those organizations that defend human rights in the Occupied
Palestinian Territories.
Members of the Israeli government have expressed dismay, apprehension and doubts about
the legitimacy and soundness of such a measure.
The timing of this announcement coincides with an alarming rise in settlers’ violence,
accompanied by an alleged failure of IDF soldiers to protect Palestinian civilians. J-Link’s concern is that such actions undermine Israel’s international standing and further undermine the prospects for peace.
J-Link, and its international progressive Jewish organizations, are calling on you to reverse this
decision or to provide public and credible evidence.

Yours respectfully,

J-Link Coordinating Committee
Kenneth Bob (Ameinu, U.S.A.), Giorgio Gomel (Jcall Europe, Italy), Barbara Landau (JSpace, Canada), Alon Liel (PWG, Israel), Pablo Lumerman (J-Amlat, Argentina), Gabriella Saven (JDI, South Africa)


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