“A Jewish-Arab Israeli Political Party in the Making?” next event on Sunday 17 January


First conference organized by J-Link on Sunday 17 January 7pm (French time) on a Jewish-Arab Israeli Political Party in the Making for the next elections in Israel.

With the participation of :

  • Rula Daood, Co-National Director of Standing Together (Omdim be yarad), an NGO mobilized for peace, equality, and social justice.
  • Abraham Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset, former Chairman of the Jewish Agency  and of the World Zionist Organization ; he is a writer and a businessman ; he fights against the continuing occupation and for the separation of religion and State.
  • Yona Yahav, former MP of the Labor Party and of Kadima, he served as the Mayor of Haifa from 2003 till 2018.
  • David Enoch, Professor of philosophy at the University of Jerusalem,  Member of the Joint Democratic Initiative.

This event is sponsored by J-Link network and co-sponsored by The Jewish Democratic Initiative (South Africa), J-Amlat (Latin America), J-Call (Europe), JSpaceCanada (Canada), Ameinu (USA) and The Policy Working Group (Israel).

To register click HERE and you will receive the link to the conference.


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